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Permanent Magnet Drive Motor

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The KIMAX Permanent Magnet Direct Motor Drive is a breakthrough innovation inspired by the synchronous movement of magnetic fields. This revolutionary PMDD motor eliminates the need for traditional transmission components like reducer couplers and long shafts, especially in high torque low RPM applications. Its direct drive design delivers exceptional energy efficiency, reduced maintenance, quiet operation, an extended lifespan, and substantial energy savings.

The Permanent Magnet Direct Drive (PMDD) motor harnesses electromagnetic induction and magnetic field interaction, representing a groundbreaking approach to torque transmission in high torque, low RPM applications. Its synchronous magnetic field movement enables efficient and contactless power transfer, conserving energy, reducing wear, and enhancing system efficiency and reliability. Here’s How it works:

  1. Magnetic Fields: Utilizes synchronous movement of magnetic fields to drive the motor.
  2. Stator and Rotor: Contains a stator with three-phase windings and a rotor with permanent magnets.
  3. Excitation: AC power supply excites the stator windings, generating a rotating magnetic field.
  4. Synchronous Rotation: The rotor’s permanent magnets rotate synchronously with the stator’s rotating magnetic field.
  5. Energy Conversion: This synchronous rotation efficiently converts electrical energy into mechanical energy, providing effective speed regulation.

The KIMAX PM Direct Drive motors, categorized as permanent-magnet synchronous motors, deliver substantial energy savings by directly powering the load, bypassing the need for a transmission or gearbox. This streamlined design reduces moving components, enhancing efficiency by as much as 40%. By eliminating the traditional two-stage torque transmission system and removing reducer couplers and long shafts, these motors maximize energy efficiency, especially in high torque low RPM scenarios, while also minimizing maintenance needs.

The KIMAX PM Direct Drive motors offer a range of key features that prioritize energy efficiency and user-friendliness. These motors save up to 40% of energy compared to traditional systems, with efficiency improvements of up to 25% in practical applications. They boast a long life cycle due to robust design and reduced mechanical stress, leading to cost savings and a quick ROI of 2-3 years. Specific configurations, like the water-cooled cooling tower motor, provide high power density. User-friendliness is enhanced with reduced maintenance needs, quiet operation, operational guidance through comprehensive manuals and support, along with simple troubleshooting for minimal downtime.

The PMDD is ideally suited for application in devices with high torque low RPM parameters, with a few additional clauses:

  1. Minimum Motor rated power of motor should be 75 KW.
  2. Efficient replacement of VFD.


Applications can be found in industries as diverse as Cooling Towers, Chemical Industry, Material Processing Industries, Smelting Enterprises, Ball Mills, and Belt Conveyors where replacing the motor + hydraulic coupling + reducer systems is a requirement.

1. PMDD for Water Cooling Tower Fan

2. PMDD at a Lithium Battery Material Enterprise


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