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Permanent Magnet Coupling

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The KIMAX Permanent Magnet Coupling (PMC) leverages Arago’s Disc Principle, utilizing magnetic induction for energy-efficient, contactless torque transmission. Its design ensures easy installation, adjustable air gap for controlling torque and speed, and reduced friction, resulting in significant energy savings. This innovative coupling enhances system reliability and is suitable for a wide range of applications, offering substantial energy conservation through its adjustable gap feature.

The Permanent Magnet Coupling (PMC) leverages Arago’s Disc Principle to revolutionize torque transmission in industrial applications. This breakthrough technology allows for efficient and contactless power transfer between motor and load, significantly conserving energy and reducing mechanical wear. Here’s how it works:

  1. Magnetic Forces: Utilizes magnetic forces to transfer torque between the motor and the load.
  2. Rotation: When the motor shaft rotates, the magnetic field generated by the magnet induces eddy currents in the metal plates.
  3. Eddy Currents: These eddy currents generate their own magnetic field.
  4. Interaction: The magnetic field of the eddy currents interacts with the original magnetic field.
  5. Torque Generation: This interaction creates a torque that drives the load shaft, enabling efficient and contactless torque transmission.

The motor torque is transmitted through an adjustable gap, where the gap size regulates the magnetic field strength and output speed. Widening the gap reduces the transferred torque, resulting in lower RPM and decreased current consumption, thus conserving energy. This contactless operation minimizes friction and mechanical losses, ensuring efficient torque transfer with minimal energy wastage, making the PMC an exceptionally energy-efficient solution.

The PMC is a highly efficient, easy-to-install, user-friendly, and low-maintenance solution for torque transmission. It can save up to 50% of energy compared to traditional couplings and achieves up to 97% operational efficiency, with a lifespan of up to 25 years and an ROI within 1 year

The PMC minimizes vibrations, offers easy adjustments with its adjustable-gap model, and is highly durable. Comprehensive manuals and support enhance user experience, while its low maintenance needs and easy troubleshooting capabilities further reduce operational disruptions.

The PMC is ideally suited for scenarios where traditional couplings fall short, such as:

  1. The minimum motor-rated power required for fixed-type PMC installation is 50KW.
  2. At Least a 7% decrease in RPM on the load side should be permissible.
  3. If the inlet or outlet valve is throttled, and it loses energy, then PMC usage is recommended.
  4. The minimum motor-rated power required for adjustable-type PMC installation is 200KW.
  5. PMC is ideal for motor voltages above 3.3kV and maintains efficiency and durability even with a 5% current reduction. It operates independently of voltage and frequency, ensuring consistent performance across various conditions.

The PMC has proven to be ideal for use in diverse industries, such as power plants, paper mills, petrochemical companies, fertilizer plants, oilfield production, cement, sewage, pharmaceutical, and tech industries.

1. Company: Adani Power Ltd. Mundra, Gujarat, India

Application: Condenser Cooling Water Pump

Motor Power: 250kW

Installation Dates: 25th September, 2019

2. Company: Honda motorcycles, Tapukara, Rajasthan, India

Application: Circulating Water Pump

Motor Power: 22kW

Installation Dates: 15th November, 2019

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