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Hydro Turbine Power Generator

About this product

The KIMAX Hydroturbine Generator ingeniously converts excess water pressure into electricity, seamlessly integrating into existing water systems with minimal modifications. It harnesses residual energy, boosting efficiency, reducing waste, and cutting energy costs and carbon footprint in industrial settings. This dual impact on energy and the environment makes it a standout solution for sustainable practices.

The hydroturbine generator is designed to capture and convert residual energy in industrial water systems into electricity, enhancing energy efficiency and reducing waste. Here’s how it works:

  1. Water Intake: The system taps into industrial water circulation, using excess pressure from natural flow or pumps.
  2. Turbine Activation: Pressurized water drives turbine blades, converting kinetic energy into mechanical power.
  3. Generator Conversion: Mechanical energy is transferred to a generator, where electromagnetic induction converts it into electrical energy.
  4. Electricity Generation: The generated electricity powers machinery, lighting, or can be stored for later use within the industrial setup.
  5. Waste Reduction: By converting excess water pressure into electricity, the system minimizes waste and enhances sustainability in industrial water systems.
The Hydroturbine Generator maximizes energy efficiency by converting surplus water pressure from industrial plants into electricity. Featuring an integrated electromechanical system, a versatile four-in-one control cabinet, and a dedicated circulating water safety mechanism, it efficiently recovers energy without disrupting plant operations. This innovative solution provides a sustainable and reliable method for conserving energy.
The Hydroturbine Generator seamlessly integrates into industrial water systems with minimal modifications, reducing installation complexities and downtime. Its modular design allows for easy scaling based on water flow and pressure variations, while integrated sensors monitor water flow, pressure, and energy production. This reduces the carbon footprint by converting surplus water pressure into electricity, with a rapid ROI of 2 years. It delivers exceptional power density, minimizes maintenance needs, operates quietly, and comes with comprehensive manuals and support for a seamless user experience.

The Hydroturbine Generator  is ideally suited for application in devices with:

  1. End pressure in cooling circulating water systems.
  2. Cooling circulating water bypass systems.
  3. Residual pressure at the end of large sewage collection systems.
  4. Residual pressure at the end of desalination systems.
  5. Overpressure in water pipe networks.
  6. Pressure relief at the end of raw water treatment tank networks and various large-scale storage tanks, among others.

1. Company: Mailiao Formosa

2. Company: Ningbo Formosa

3. Company: FCFC TAIWAN