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Cooling Tower Water Turbine

About this product

The KIMAX Cooling Tower Water Turbine  transforms cooling tower systems by utilizing return water’s hydraulic energy to power cooling tower fans, eliminating electric motor usage. This innovative water turbine system seamlessly integrates into existing infrastructure with minimal modifications, delivering substantial electricity savings, reduced maintenance, and a significant reduction in operational costs and environmental footprint.

The Kimax Cooling Tower Water Turbine (CTWT) innovatively uses return water pipeline pressure to directly drive the cooling tower fan, eliminating electric motors and cutting operational costs. By integrating the pipeline into the tower and employing a water turbine, the CTWT ensures efficient and reliable fan rotation while prioritizing energy efficiency and sustainability. Here’s how it works:

  1. Hydraulic Forces: The system utilizes water pressure from the return water pipeline to transfer power to the cooling tower fan.
  2. Rotation: As water flows through the turbine, it generates rotational motion that drives the fan.
  3. Efficiency: By eliminating mechanical losses associated with traditional motor-driven systems, the CTWT ensures efficient and smooth fan operation while reducing energy consumption and maintenance requirements.

The CTWT optimizes energy conservation through its utilization of return water pressure to drive the cooling tower fan, completely eliminating electric motor usage and resulting in 100% electricity savings. This approach reduces operational expenses, decreases mechanical wear, and lowers maintenance requirements. Through effective harnessing of natural water pressure, the CTWT enhances sustainability efforts and diminishes environmental footprint.

The CTWT prioritizes operational integration, energy efficiency, user-friendliness, and maintenance ease. It seamlessly integrates into existing cooling tower infrastructure, adapts to various water systems with minimal modifications, and offers easy scalability. With 100% electricity savings, a lifespan of up to 25 years, and self-cleaning turbines, it ensures sustainable energy practices and optimal performance. Its user-friendly design includes minimal maintenance, a quiet operation, and comprehensive support for seamless integration and ongoing reliability.

The CTWT is suitable for various scenarios requiring efficient cooling solutions:

  1. Minimum water pressure at gearbox level: 1 to 1.2 kg/cm².
  2. Minimum cooling tower water flow capacity: 500 m³/hr per cell.
  3. Minimum motor power rating: 30 kW.
  4. Consistent ΔT before and after renovation.

1. Company: Jinxi Steel & Iron Co. Ltd Renovation of CT Water Turbines for 6×800m3 Cooling Tower for Circulating Water System in Waste Heat Generation

2. Company: Nanjing X Clean Energy Co. Ltd:
Renovation of 2x5000m3/h Cooling Tower for Circulating Water System.