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Permanent Magnet Coupling

PMC utilizes magnetic forces for contactless power transmission, embodying innovation with energy-saving technology and boasting a long-lasting, maintenance-free design, revolutionizing industrial applications.

Cooling Tower Water Turbine

CCTWT is a groundbreaking solution revolutionizing cooling tower operations by harnessing surplus pressure to power the fan seamlessly. Our streamlined design eliminates conventional complexities, enhancing efficiency and reliability for unparalleled performance.

Permanent Magnet Drive Motor

PMDDM integrates seamlessly into high torque, low RPM applications, eliminating conventional two-stage torque transmission for enhanced energy efficiency and reduced maintenance.

Hydro Turbine Power Generator

HTG is a micro hydroelectric power generation unit designed to harness electricity from industrial circulating water systems without disrupting processes. With the capability to utilize flow rates as low as 500 m3/h, it empowers power consumer plants to become power generators, facilitating sustainable energy production.

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At KIMAX CONTROLS, we are the foremost manufacturer of industrial products, focusing on Cooling Tower Water Turbines, Permanent Magnetic Couplings, Permanent Magnet Drive Motors, and Hydro Turbine Power Generators. Based in Delhi, India, we have gained recognition as a trusted global supplier known for our excellence and reliability.

As a part of the KIMAX GROUP, founded in 1993 in Taiwan as a partnership, we are dedicated to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. With a committed team and a pursuit of excellence, we provide advanced solutions that meet the evolving needs of clients worldwide.